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Graduate Students

Jennifer Diep


Jennifer Diep image

Jennifer is a first year Clinical Master’s student. Her thesis involves identifying the unique risk factors of children and adolescents with disruptive behaviour disorders and callous-unemotional (CU) traits to inform treatment targets for this population. In the SPARK lab, she leads one of Dr. Lui’s ongoing projects on surveying CU experts, providers, and caregivers on perceived treatment needs for adolescents with disruptive behaviours and CU traits. In the future, she hopes to continue researching topics surrounding child and adolescent development, the juvenile legal system, and externalizing behaviours. She is also interested in working clinically with youths involved in or at risk of being involved in the juvenile legal system.

Kayla Eisenberg


Kayla Eisenberg image

Kayla is a first year MA student in the Clinical Psychology program at Concordia University. Prior to beginning this degree, she completed a master’s degree in Psychiatry at McGill University and an undergraduate degree in Psychology at Concordia University. Broadly, her research and clinical interests include child development and youth wellbeing.  Supported by a Canadian Graduate Scholarship from CIHR, Kayla's thesis examines how callous-unemotional (CU) traits influence ADHD outcomes for youths who participated in  summer treatment programs. She is also involved in an ongoing lab project that uses medical record data to identify ADHD risk in children. Overall, Kayla aspires to combat the stigma that vulnerable children face so they can access the resources and acquire the skills they need to achieve their full potential.

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