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Current Research Projects

 Early Identification of ADHD in EHR 

This NIMH-funded project is conducted in partnership with Dr. Gordon Gao at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Shireen Atabaki at Children's National Hospital, and Dr. Andrea Chronis-Tuscano at the University of Maryland (R21MH128585; MPIs: Lui & Gao). We aim to 1) describe disparities in the frequency of ADHD screening, diagnosis, and healthcare utilization for children with ADHD, 2) develop an algorithm to predict ADHD phenotypes earlier than the typical age of diagnosis using electronic health record data, and 3) collaborate with stakeholders to develop an implementation roadmap to deploy the phenotyping algorithm in primary care. 

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A Novel Intervention for Adolescents with Persistent Disruptive Behaviors

This project is funded by the American Psychological Foundation (PI: Lui). Disruptive behaviors are common, impairing, and costly for youths, families, and society.

A subgroup of youths with disruptive behaviors has comorbid callous-unemotional (CU) traits, characterized by low empathy, remorse/guilt, and prosociality. This project aims to develop a novel intervention tailored to youths with disruptive behaviors and CU traits, utilizing a stakeholder participatory approach. We will gather perspectives from research and practice experts and caregivers to inform the design of the intervention. 

Treating Parents with ADHD and Their Children (TPAC)

This NIMH funded study (R01MH118320; MPIs: Chronis-Tuscano & Stein) is conducted in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Maryland, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Children’s National Hospital. This hybrid effectiveness-implementation clinical trial examines the effectiveness of two treatment strategies for families where a parent and child both struggle with ADHD. In addition, the study includes a stakeholder group that meets regularly throughout the clinical trial to provide feedback on factors that may impact the clinical trial and implementation of the treatment model. Our lab leads the qualitative analysis of the stakeholder meetings with the aim of informing an implementation toolkit. 


Mental Health Care Patterns in Los Angeles County

In collaboration with Dr. Anna Lau at UCLA, Dr. Lauren Brookman-Frazee at UCSD, and colleagues at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, we are examining patterns and disparities in mental health care utilization among youths. We are also interested in identifying youth-, service-, and neighborhood-level predictors of utilization patterns and youth outcomes. 


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Centre for Clinical Research in Health (CCRH)

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Funding Support

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